Posted by: Jenny | March 13, 2008


Well here comes this weeks update:

-I passed my gestational diabetes test last Friday with flying colors, or just low blood sugar scores!  So now we just wait and see if this baby turns out to be just plain big like Ben was.  I can’t believe I am in the third trimester already.  I know it isn’t news that this whole thing has been going fast, but hey it has been ok!

– Birthday party went swimmingly on Sunday!  Had most of our immediate family there, we missed my sister and her family, and my dad, but besides that having all the family there to celebrate the newest 2 year old was great.  I will work on posting some pics and maybe a video or two later.  My mom and I made some interesting Elmo cupcakes, but hey Ben knew who they were, so that is all that matters!  Ben got lots of fun toys including this awesome toy.  This is by far our favorite, as it is like D’s motorcycle so he and dad can go out riding.  We had great weather and folks ended up staying until around 8pm(which may not seem like a big deal, but most everyone had to travel at least an hour and a half so it was very neat they could and wanted to stick around!).  Very very fun!

– Work is good, very very busy.  I am going to try to take all next week off!  I already told D that if I do, he is going to have to hide the comp, or steal the wireless router so I can’t check email from home.  Today I ended up spending Ben’s entire nap working from home.  It is a compulsion, and I don’t actually know what will happen if I don’t check my email for an entire week!  Stay tuned.

-The crib is in!  I am pretty excited to get it, although I am not sure when that will happen.  The storage for the stuff we have in what will be the nursery is almost done.  We are talking things like only needs a door knob and some sweeping, almost done.  So the one billion bins of stuff can start moving!  I seem to be nesting a lot earlier with this one than I did with Ben.  Almost every day I think of something I want to reorganize or go through that will make things neater and easier once the baby arrives.  Having an actual space for the baby will help, I hope… Or I will just have to keep on cleaning!  Worse things have happened.



  1. I cannot believe you are so far along; YAY!!!

    And thanks for the rash treatment idea, I am going to try it tomorrow.


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