Posted by: Jenny | March 18, 2008

16 already?

Ben has this pretend game where he cups his hand over his ear, and talks on the phone.  Most of the time he needs privacy for these telephone calls, although everyonce and a while he will take on in the car where he can’t get away from his parents.  Last night during supper he had to take a very important phone call.

D:  Hey Ben do you want more milk?

Ben: feialvu ehia vbifeal virs vhbio (pause)  giggle giggle giggle, yeah uh huh, yep (pause)

D: Looks like we are going to have to ban phone calls at the dinner table (pause)  didn’t think I was going to have to have this conversation for ohhhh 14 more years.

Me:  Ben, could you do us a favor and give them a call back, we are in the middle of dinner.

Ben: (glancing up at mom)  yeah, yeah, ummmmmmmm no, ejiaugh, aheiub, bhasmc, coe,  uh huh, ummmmm no, Bye!

Me:  Well at least he can take that call after we are done.



  1. Somehow he even took it better than most 16 year olds. Love Grandma

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