Posted by: Jenny | April 1, 2008

Yo Yo

Every night goes pretty much the same way in our house.  Usually a bath, followed by much giggling and tickling as we are getting dressed.  We pick out 2-3 books to read, and have to sit right in the middle of daddy’s or mommy’s lap (getting harder to do in my case) and put the feet up on the recliner.  Then we read the books, talk about the pictures and work on calming down and snuggling up.  Most of the time about half way through the first book, Ben decides he needs a snack, and decides between yogurt, applesauce, or strawberries.  Whoever isn’t reading prepares the prince’s food, and sits down next to the readers to help move the snack along.  After reading and discussing is done, we snuggle up and sing songs.  Usually it is the ABC’s which go something like this:

Mom: A

Ben: B

Mom: C

Ben: C

Mom: D

Ben: D

Mom: E

Ben: E

Mom: F

Ben: E

Mom: G

Ben: E

and so on until we hit about S, then we may get a few letters in from Ben that aren’t E’s… but probably not.

Then on to the next song, which is usually Row Row Row Your Boat.  Which is sort of a round, where Mom starts, and Ben follows by singing, Yo-Yo, Yo-Yo, Yo-Yo, giggle, giggle, Yo-Yo, Yo-Yo.

And every night it is hilarious to me.



  1. It kind of sounds like a drunken sailors song! Yo Yo Yo Your boat gently down the stream. Love Mom

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