Posted by: Jenny | April 16, 2008

Turns out…

…planning for maternity leave takes work.

…preregistering at the hospital is suprisingly easy, and when you actually see the bracelets you will be wearing when you birth a child, it makes things seem a lot closer than you thought they were.

…when you don’t have a mattress in the baby’s crib, the nursery doesn’t seem ready, even if you have clean clothes folded neatly in drawers.

…nice weather means much more sand in the bath tub. And earlier bedtimes as throwing all that dirt makes ya tired.

…even though you know you are big at 8+ months pregnant, you are also sensitive. So when people say… wow you are REALLY big, ya still kinda want to punch them in the face.

…not having wireless internet at home lends to being really behind in posting.

…when you never upload pics off the camera, it makes it really hard to post them to let every one see your wonderfully adorable monkey of a child.

…it makes me nervous to not be close to having boy names picked out. Girl names, we have 3, and they are secret, thanks. I hate that before you name your child EVERYONE can tell you what they think. I have a hard enough time making up my mind I don’t need your input to name my child. No offense.

…D just got a paying internship. It will change our summer, but is an awesome opportunity, so we are excited!

…long lost family can turn out pretty cool. Hell, finding out you have long lost family is cool in itself, but when they turn out to be great people, it is even cooler!


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