Posted by: Jenny | April 23, 2008

Stole it

from my seeestar.

finish the sentence.

maybe i should figure out a name for this kid in case it is a boy.
i love the smell of rain and babies.  (not necessarily at the same time)
people would say that sometimes when I am pregnant, or not, I am not very patient.
i don’t understand why what people think bothers me.
i lost the ability to see my toes a while ago.
my past is behind me.

i get annoyed every morning at the neighbors damn dogs.

my idea of a good time watching D and Ben laugh together.
i wish I was asleep right now.

Twins are cute when they are someone else’s.
Spring makes me sneeze.
tomorrow i’m going to play outside with Ben if it isn’t raining.
i have low tolerance for whining or needlessly negative people.
i’m totally terrified of not being able to have D at this baby’s delivery.
i wonder why Ben couldn’t have waited until the end of summer to learn how to climb over the fence.
never in my life have I smoked.
high school was pretty cool, I had fun most of the time it wasn’t sucking.
when i’m nervous my neck and chest turn red.
one time at a family gathering I got in a fight with my sister.  (Wha…which time?)
take my advice: Suck it up and drive on.  (I am tired)
Kids make me happy.
i’m almost always behind on my dishes.  (Erin says really? hum.)
i’m addicted to checking my email and Target.
i want someone to give me a foot rub.



  1. Hahaha! I was going to say the same thing about family gatherings!! I just decided to go with a different edge. Hahaha… oh my.

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