Posted by: Jenny | April 29, 2008

Off the wall

Just now I was sitting here at work catching up on blog reading, and eating a cranberry muffin.  I looked down at the keyboard and saw there was a little crumb, picked it up and ate it.  Then I thought, wow that would have been gross if that were some mystery crumb and not part of the muffin. (Luckily it wasn’t)  But it made me remember an off the wall story about my brother-in-law.  Ahhh funny wacky ol Matt.  He makes me laugh, and he is cool, partly because he is married to my sister, and father of sweet Elly Belly, but also just ’cause.  So the way my sister tells it, she, Matt and Ella were out to eat and at one point Ella dropped something on the floor.  When Chrissy bent down to pick up the dropped item, she also snagged a piece of mystery food and set it on the edge of her finished plate.  Matt not realizing what it was a few minutes later picked it up and ate it.  Pretty gross I know, but for whatever reason it continuously cracks me up whenever I remember it.  Maybe because it is a totally ‘Matt’ thing to do,  I don’t know, it is just funny.  Or just funny to me.

And so here is to random story day.  Got any good ones?



  1. Though you already know this, others do not so you have to hear it again. My random story for today:
    Earlier today while I was at your house, I was holding Ben in my arms and we were waiting for the pizza to be done cooking. He was facing me and “tickling” my cheeks and nose. Then he started telling me the most amazing story, complete with tone, hand gestures, and facial expression. It sounded like the greatest story ever – I just wish I could have understood it. His language totally reminds me of the movie _The Fifth Element_. He sounds like Milla Jovovich’s character before she learns English. He totally speaks the perfect language of the future. Or past. I can’t remember which one it was in the movie. Regardless, your son speaks alien language and it is SO cute.
    That’s my random story of the day.

  2. It is great to hear that Ella and Ben have aliens in their lives. It is important to the imagination and great for Grandma He He
    Ha Ha.

  3. I remember that. It was gross.

  4. gosh, i hope it wasn’t poo. At my house, sadly, it may have been poo.

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