Posted by: Jenny | May 8, 2008

40 weeks

doesn’t equal 9 months, but who am I to count.  I am sitting solidly at 37 weeks these days, and things are coming together nicely.  Which means I am ready.  Turns out the Dr is ready too.  She told us that most second kids are larger than first ones.   Both she and I are in agreement that Ben’s 10 lbs 4 oz is too big for another kid to try and top.  So if I decide not to have this kid before the 20th of May we will kick start this party.  Or induce labor at 6:45am, you know pretty close to the same…. labor… party… We still don’t have a middle name for a boy picked out so throw them at us folks.

I have 5 days of work left.  And probably 2 weeks of work to finish in that time.  I hope to get most of what I need done done… but I can only do what I can.   Just thinking about work makes me tired and stressed.  Not because I don’t like it, just ’cause.

I spent today cleaning random places in the living room and kitchen.  And dealing with my lovely 2 year old.  He was in rare I AM TWO form today.  It was brilliant,  and I only did a small jig when he went down for a nap, and another… medium one when D came home.  So the dishes aren’t done, but the top of the fridge is clean, and so is the catch all area by the front door…. Oh and I dusted.

So this is your random update for the day.  I go to the dr tomorrow, I will try and post if we find out anything astonishing!  For now I off to put these sausages I call toes and feet and ankles up, and hope D brought home something chocolate or at least sweet.



  1. Here are some One of all of our favorite grandfathers and great grandfathers name was Anselm or Andy I think Joy is a good middle name Ruth is alos and I know if she was still alive your Grandma Ruth would be thrilled Maybe Pat ? Tina is also a Great Grandma s name Great Grandpa Arvo was one of the sweetest people I every knew and he loved your guys even though you were step great grandchildren. I know that Chris works for both boy or girl and also Eric is a name I love. Here I some of my random thoughts. Uncle Dave had a special place for you guys as well. Love Mom

  2. Yeah, I am still pulling for Aaron for a boy’s middle name or Erin for a girl. Gosh darn husband of yours and his opinions! 🙂

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