Posted by: Jenny | May 10, 2008

I figured it out…

Why women are so forgetful late in their pregnancy.  This way we forget what it was like to be this pregnant, and willingly do it again.  It is one of those survival of the species things.  Because otherwise…yeah everyone would just have one, and then say what do THAT again…oh hell no.  But since really pregnant don’t sleep, are preoccupied with all the random shit that has to be done before the baby (no really it would be nice if that fence were painted… the baby totally is going to care, they probably won’t let me leave the hospital until it is done) and are just plain forgetful, getting pregnant again seems like a brilliant idea.   I like my brothers and sisters, why shouldn’t Ben get one of his own.

(disclaimer:  I am totally excited about this baby, boy or girl?  big or little?  sleeper or… oh God let it be a sleeper…and wouldn’t change anything, except maybe requesting a coma that set in like 2 weeks ago)

(oh and even though I had contractions for like 2 hours on Thursday night, and we were packing bags and gathering phone numbers, only to go to sleep later, there was NO change to report when we went to the Dr on Friday….arg…but everything is looking healthy and good!)


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