Posted by: Jenny | May 25, 2008

Hazy Days

I thought that I knew what “tired” was when I was pulling 24 hour shifts of duty in Iraq. Then we had Ben. Wow, was I mistaken. Now, we have Miss Mara, and each day seems to melt into the next. I honestly haven’t known what day of the week it’s been since Tuesday. I recently found out that today is Sunday, and I still find myself in disbelief. – D.

Bad: Only getting to hold my baby once a day. Not being able to breast feed, and being attached to the pump every three hours. Thinking of my little girl being without her mommy or daddy when we aren’t there. Missing both of my kids all night long (Ben is still with my parents). Being more scared than I have ever been when Mara decides to have an episode. Not knowing when we will get to take our little girl home. Worrying what this all means in the long run.

Good: Her levels keep going down. She is eating well and is back up to her birth weight. I get to hold her. I spent the day with my son. Watching my pretty girl when she is awake. Knowing how strong she is. Feeling so lucky that we are in the NICU for the reasons we are, and not the worse ones of the shell shocked parents around us. Knowing there is a long run. – J.



  1. Mara is lucky to have such strong parents. Hang in there!

  2. Dustin & Jennifer:
    Know in your heart there are a lot of folks who are at your side and holding you up in their prayers. But, most importantly, hand your worries over to the Lord and He will see to it that the both of you and Mara get through this and find peace in that.
    Four little words: This too shall pass.

    You have been added to my prayer list!
    Take good care of yourselves,
    Mother of Princess Melia
    Nana of the Cutest Boy

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I’ve been to NICU when a nephew of mine was born with a problem that they could fortunately resolve too. It is a sad but also, at times, a happy place. Good things will happen there.

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