Posted by: Jenny | May 30, 2008

Tomorrow is a New Day

Well, today was a boring day – and that’s probably the most amazing thing that’s happened to us this far.  Mara’s Dr. (pretty much the only one that I actually like) informed us that a boring day today and an uneventful night would equate to us takin’ Miss Mara home at or around 10 a.m.  Hot Damn!!!!!  So, after I excitedly clicked my heels together, clapped and shouted – why, yes I am an 11 year-old ballerina princess, thank you for asking – I realized that I should contain myself.  Afterall, there are parents here who aren’t getting good news, and here I am all smiles and shitty grin.  I also need to calm down just in case the oncoming Doc changes the other doctors’ collective mind.  But, if everything else holds constant, we’re coming home with our gorgeous 11-day-old baby girl.

On another note, there is something I’d like to pull out the ol’ soapbox for.  We had been staying at a local bed and breakfast that houses parents of babies in the NICU when the Ronald McDonald House is full.  It was not only awesome to stay in a comfy bed in an antique house, the lady that owns and operates the place was very kind and understanding.  People like that compel me to live better in terms of karma.  We just moved into the Ronald McDonald House, and I am equally impressed.  I never really took the time to ask what the purpose of a Ronnie McD Hizzy was, but I think it’s a really worthwhile cause.  It turns out that there aren’t a coalition of Fry Guys and Hamburglers waiting inside to steal my kidneys so they can process them into tasty, all D. patties with lettuce,pickles onions and special sauce.  They house parents of sick children during hospital stays.  Volunteers make up a great majority of the workforce, and local purveyors of good karma donate food items, entertainment for kids and even toiletries.  So the next time you’re in the driveway waiting for your McNuggets, throw a few quarters into that trash-filled box with the sun-faded label for the house.




  1. I’m a fan of the Ronald McDonald house. When my little brothers were in the hospital after a car accident, my family spent a lot of time in the Ronald McDonald Family Room at the hospital. They were kind and helpful, one of the few bright spots during a really bad time. I can’t pass by their donation box without putting something in.

  2. It certainly goes towards a good cause. McDonald’s doesn’t own the house, but they contribute greatly to it.

  3. Yay! Coming home is awesome news!

  4. Around here I am a fan of the Shriner’s Hospital. Those people are awesome and their incredible medical treatments are FREE. I feel you on the karma.

    And yay on coming home!

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