Posted by: Jenny | June 2, 2008

No News

in this case, is good news.   We were discharged on Saturday around noon, and have been getting used to life at home since then.  We have a heart monitor for Mara, and it is pretty easy to deal with, just not moving anywhere fast.  Her medication is on a every six hour schedule, and Mara herself is on a feed me whenever I want it schedule.  Which is her right as a newborn.   When she wakes up she thinks she should have had the boob in her mouth ten minutes ago, and that I am obviously neglecting her because that didn’t happen.  We are working on the whole breast feeding thing, as when you get fed a bottle and the food is right there, and eating is so easy to get to you barely have to suck, the breast seems like so much work.   But I am more than willing to fight this battle, it seems like an easy one.

D went back to his internship today, and luckily my mom is here.  The basic newborn care, with the medication and monitor to keep track of, are sometimes more than overwhelming on their own, then add crazy Ben into the picture…with a cold no less, and sheesh.  I will take all the help I can get.

Speaking of help, in addition to my Mom being here, we have lovely friends who have coordinated dinner for a couple of nights for us.  And it is brilliant.  It isn’t something that it is easy for me to ask for.  But help does really come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether we haven’t chatted in a while, or you know where I keep the iron in my house (believe me, it isn’t easy to find)  I appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, and just plain kindness that has surrounded us during this scary and emotional time.  Thanks to you all.



  1. That’s because we just love you all so much.

    And anyway, some of your friends enjoy ironing your husband’s shirts. 🙂

  2. Thank goodness for your help network! And good luck with the nursing. Those babies…they are SMART!

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