Posted by: Jenny | July 28, 2008


made it to two months of no blogging… Not that I was trying mind you.  I often thought hey, I need to sit down, and write something.  Then usually it became… I need to sit down.  Or one of the following,  MOMMY:   I eat.  Outside? (Can I go outside?)  Poop. (I pooped, but don’t want you to change my pants, I would rather run around in a poopy diaper.)  Baby? (Where’s the baby?  Hey Mom the baby’s crying.)   Daddy Hug.  ( Can I give Daddy a hug? Make him come home from work)  I need cake.  (I need cake.)  Shoes? (Please can I go outside, I will even put my shoes on)  Beep Beep. ( Can I drive the car now?) Pole! (Give me my fishing pole woman so I can whack things with it.)  Or some such thing.  The adjustment for both Ben and I was hard.  Getting used to being only at home.  Getting used to having two little ‘uns to take care of.  Getting used to D being gone more.  Getting used to being moderately more crazy.  Getting used to Ben who is getting used to Mara.  Buttttt I think we are there.  I can actually get everyone including myself dressed by 9 am most days.  And fed all meals at appropriate times.  And naps, and usually make dinner by the time D gets home.  At the beginning of this adventure, not all of those things happened.  So blogging didn’t happen.  But, I am telling you people to look forward to more posts, more pictures, and maybe a new and improved blogging adventure…



  1. “Pole! (Give me my fishing pole woman so I can whack things with it.)” is hilarious. Woman, I hope you understand his need to whack things. When you feel the need, you have to run with it.

  2. Can I just say again how happy I am everything is okay and how good it was to talk to you today and how much I truly miss you guys! Okay….that is the last time I say I promise. Look forward to more cute pictures!!!

  3. hah! To say it is an adjustment is an understatement. The ebb and flow happens with blogging, unless you are unfortunate enough to make money from it…because then it is just another ‘job’. We are just here chillin’.

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