Posted by: Jenny | August 11, 2008

How the time flies…

School hasn’t even started and we are still way busy. But everything is good so I can’t be too crabby. Today Mara went in for her 2 mo appointment although she is closer to three, and everything is looking good. She has almost doubled her birth weight, and is a long little lady. Dr. is pleased with how everything is looking and we go back to the cardiologist in a month…. SO all good news all around. She is a happy little girl, lots of smiles and coos. And is a great sleeper. I am a very spoiled mommy. It is awesome to have the second one be this great in the sleeping department, it makes life so much easier.

D is off to a wedding in PA this weekend, the best man in our wedding is getting married, and D will be the best man in his wedding. So Ben, Mara and I will be at my moms for a few days. Ben is obsessed with fishing so the fact she lives on the lake, where he has actually caught a fish is a big thrill! He is also been missing his Aunt CC ( my sister Chrissy) and his Matt (my brother). It is awesome that he remembers them and wants to play with them… now if only CC lived at least in the state, and my brother could live…oh across the street from us. :). I didn’t really know my aunts or uncles when I was growing up, so it is awesome that regardless of distance we all make an effort to be part of our nieces and nephews lives.


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