Posted by: Jenny | October 28, 2008


So my goal is to ‘hit the hay’ by 10:30pm tonight.  Seriously folks, I have no idea if it will happen, but something has got to change.  Going to sleep at ohhh 1am, and then waking up at 4am for feeding Mara, and then awake for the day by 7:30-8 is ridiculous.  I limit my caffiene intake as Mara told me that she didn’t like twitching.  So for about 2 hours after my am coffee and about 1 hour after my afternoon diet pepsi I am awake.  The rest of the day, zombie mom.  Until about 9pm.  Then I am ohhh i need to do the dishes, mop the floor, upload some pictures, read a book, put away clothes…………. Again, damn ridiculous.  It has been like this for like 2 months.  I look tired.  I feel tired.  I’ll let you know how it goes.



  1. okay so this isn’t really a comment to this post but I totally wanted to write and say how AWESOME that picture is on top of the blog!!! Too cute!!!

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