Posted by: Jenny | November 1, 2008

The Results are In

and it turns out that all 4 of you were right.  I only made it to bed at about 11 on one night.  Every other night since then has been a late one.   But hey one is better than none right?  I’ll keep trying.

So I have no idea what we will get in the mail, watch on tv, answer the phone for after the elections.  Pretty much all the calls I answer will turn out to be just people I know.  The mail will return to being just bills, and TV most of the commercials will return to being just commercial rather than selling me on who lies, doesn’t lie, does raise taxes doesn’t raise taxes, who has fluffy dogs they like to pose with, and who can slander better than who.  And what fun will that be.  I won’t be able to witness the amazing drain of capital that the  US version of democracy is.


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