Posted by: Jenny | April 28, 2009


Night time at our house is missing something these days.  For the last 16 days we have been completely pacifier (known in our house as a nunny) free.  Mara decided about 3 months ago that she was just plain ol done with them.  She went down for a nap, I gave it to her, she spit it out.  I gave it to her, she spit it out… ok, so I just took it with me when I left, and she hasn’t wanted it since.  Ben on the other hand was pretty attached.  We were going to work on going with out it after his third birthday.  Which happened to be the time when we were making great strides in potty training, and working really hard at not liking our nanny.  SO mom made the executive decision that we didn’t need to throw yet one more major change in the mix.  But two weeks ago, it was big boy bed time.  He was way to big for his toddler bed, and I found an awesome bed on craigslist.  It was time.  We talked about it, and decided that if we wanted cool Batman sheets we needed to talk to Batman (Uncle Matt) about what a big boy had to do to get some.  TURNS OUT, we had to send him our nunny.  So he decided it was worth it, we got out an envelope, put it in, wrote to Batman, from Ben, and put it in the mailbox.  And so farit has been fairly painless, he would say I miss my nunny.  I can’t sleep without my nunny, about 2 minutes before he did go to sleep.  All’s well that ends well.  And when the kids go to bed, nothing needs to be washed or de-dog haired.  Stuffy noses can be avoided via open mouths, and there is no late night searching under beds.  And that for now is my personal definition of freedom.


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