Posted by: Jenny | November 1, 2012

National Blog Posting Month…NABloPoMo

Can I do it?  Can I stick to writing one post a day for the entire month of November when I haven’t actively posted in oh forever. Challenge Accepted.

I am not very good at follow through.  Hella good at starting.  Hella good at idea generating brainstorming.  But oh the details?  And actually having to DO it…anyway what’s next.  So we will see.  I like a challenge, and I would like to get better at the doing and not just the thinking.  I’ll try.




  1. Sto kentro tou dromou? Panw sthn asfalto h’ sth nhsida/diaxwristikh grammh (an exei)? Mhpws aplws egerne mprosta prospa8wntas na dei ta autokinhta gia Click

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