Posted by: Jenny | November 1, 2008

The Results are In

and it turns out that all 4 of you were right.  I only made it to bed at about 11 on one night.  Every other night since then has been a late one.   But hey one is better than none right?  I’ll keep trying.

So I have no idea what we will get in the mail, watch on tv, answer the phone for after the elections.  Pretty much all the calls I answer will turn out to be just people I know.  The mail will return to being just bills, and TV most of the commercials will return to being just commercial rather than selling me on who lies, doesn’t lie, does raise taxes doesn’t raise taxes, who has fluffy dogs they like to pose with, and who can slander better than who.  And what fun will that be.  I won’t be able to witness the amazing drain of capital that the  US version of democracy is.

Posted by: Jenny | October 28, 2008


So my goal is to ‘hit the hay’ by 10:30pm tonight.  Seriously folks, I have no idea if it will happen, but something has got to change.  Going to sleep at ohhh 1am, and then waking up at 4am for feeding Mara, and then awake for the day by 7:30-8 is ridiculous.  I limit my caffiene intake as Mara told me that she didn’t like twitching.  So for about 2 hours after my am coffee and about 1 hour after my afternoon diet pepsi I am awake.  The rest of the day, zombie mom.  Until about 9pm.  Then I am ohhh i need to do the dishes, mop the floor, upload some pictures, read a book, put away clothes…………. Again, damn ridiculous.  It has been like this for like 2 months.  I look tired.  I feel tired.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Posted by: Jenny | October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It is early, but most of our holiday celebrations were held this weekend.  We went trick or treating at two different events, and carved our pumpkin!  So today when I was on my way to work I thought… damn those people need to take down their decorations…oh wait.  I have gotten a jump on stealing my kids candy, er celebrating halloween.  Anyway could my kids be any cuter?

Cutest Banana Ever.

Cutest Banana Ever.

He is a real wild animal.

He is a real wild animal.

Thinking about how cute I am.

Thinking about how cute I am.

Could I live with those monkeys?

Could I live with those monkeys?

I am taking full advantage of the ability to chose my kids costumes for them.  And they totally rock.

Hope your Halloween is as hopped up on sugar as ours has been so far!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Posted by: Jenny | September 30, 2008

Reason 534

to clean off your desk each day before you leave work:

That coffee that you thought was bad yesterday just after you bought it, is much much worse 18 hours later.

Posted by: Jenny | September 18, 2008

Music Desert

The weirdest things change when you become a parent.  Something I never even thought about before having kids was how often I had some sort of music on.  How much I sang and danced to that music.  How much my brain and soul needed that music.  I am pretty sure at least half the songs D and I have in our head are aimed at 2-5 year olds…. It doesn’t take long for this strangely self imposed music desert to drive me buggy.

Something has to shift and lately Ben has really liked to dance, so we throw a CD in the XBOX 360 and have a dance party in the living room.  I don’t have many actual CD’s as most of the music in the house is located on IPods or computers, so what I found are CD’s made up of mp3s that were off a computer I used in grad school.  All the music is what I listened to from about 1998 – 2002… and it’s a trip and amazing how many memories are tied to music.

No more music deserts for us, instead we are going to start to explore the varied and beautiful world of music, and all the ideas that come with it.  Ben’s new phrase sums it up quite nicely, Rock on Mommy, Rock on.

Posted by: Jenny | September 9, 2008


They aren’t the best pictures, but hey they are pictures!  Both of them are at Grandma’s house earlier this summer.  This is Ben’s first catch, and he was thrilled!  I do have more and better ones….let’s see how long it takes me to post those…

Posted by: Jenny | August 27, 2008

Ice Cream

The other day Ben was playing on the computer with me, when all at once he jumped up and went into the other room.  Before I knew it he was back, with ice cream… to which I stood open mouthed and blinked…. Hum ice cream… cause that comes from the freezer, which you aren’t supposed to be able to reach or actually open.  So turns out he can.  Also if you flip your clothes basket over, and put one of your push cars on top of it, you can reach anything Mom has hanging on the  back of the door, which means pacifiers aren’t only for naps folks.  They are for whenever the hell you feel like it.

Totally awesome.

I am going to try and get some pics of my two munchkins up today.  Lets see if that happens.

Posted by: Jenny | August 11, 2008


in words. I like this one I made from what you read here on a hopefully more than monthly basis. So I thought I would share:

Click on it if you want to see it full size. Make your own wordle at

Posted by: Jenny | August 11, 2008

How the time flies…

School hasn’t even started and we are still way busy. But everything is good so I can’t be too crabby. Today Mara went in for her 2 mo appointment although she is closer to three, and everything is looking good. She has almost doubled her birth weight, and is a long little lady. Dr. is pleased with how everything is looking and we go back to the cardiologist in a month…. SO all good news all around. She is a happy little girl, lots of smiles and coos. And is a great sleeper. I am a very spoiled mommy. It is awesome to have the second one be this great in the sleeping department, it makes life so much easier.

D is off to a wedding in PA this weekend, the best man in our wedding is getting married, and D will be the best man in his wedding. So Ben, Mara and I will be at my moms for a few days. Ben is obsessed with fishing so the fact she lives on the lake, where he has actually caught a fish is a big thrill! He is also been missing his Aunt CC ( my sister Chrissy) and his Matt (my brother). It is awesome that he remembers them and wants to play with them… now if only CC lived at least in the state, and my brother could live…oh across the street from us. :). I didn’t really know my aunts or uncles when I was growing up, so it is awesome that regardless of distance we all make an effort to be part of our nieces and nephews lives.

Posted by: Jenny | July 28, 2008


made it to two months of no blogging… Not that I was trying mind you.  I often thought hey, I need to sit down, and write something.  Then usually it became… I need to sit down.  Or one of the following,  MOMMY:   I eat.  Outside? (Can I go outside?)  Poop. (I pooped, but don’t want you to change my pants, I would rather run around in a poopy diaper.)  Baby? (Where’s the baby?  Hey Mom the baby’s crying.)   Daddy Hug.  ( Can I give Daddy a hug? Make him come home from work)  I need cake.  (I need cake.)  Shoes? (Please can I go outside, I will even put my shoes on)  Beep Beep. ( Can I drive the car now?) Pole! (Give me my fishing pole woman so I can whack things with it.)  Or some such thing.  The adjustment for both Ben and I was hard.  Getting used to being only at home.  Getting used to having two little ‘uns to take care of.  Getting used to D being gone more.  Getting used to being moderately more crazy.  Getting used to Ben who is getting used to Mara.  Buttttt I think we are there.  I can actually get everyone including myself dressed by 9 am most days.  And fed all meals at appropriate times.  And naps, and usually make dinner by the time D gets home.  At the beginning of this adventure, not all of those things happened.  So blogging didn’t happen.  But, I am telling you people to look forward to more posts, more pictures, and maybe a new and improved blogging adventure…

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